Traditional Craft Center of Ioannina

Traditional Craft Center of Ioannina

The Traditional Craft Center of Ioannina is now a reality. In a central part of the city of Ioannina, next to Lake Pamvotida and in a neat area of 10,000 sq.m. there are silversmithing workshops, a museum, a hall for cultural events, a cafeteria – restaurant and of course the Retail Shop for Silversmithing Products. It is a place that everyone must visit in order to get to know the Traditional Ioannina Art of Handmade Silversmithing.


The KE.PA.V.I. S.A. which manages the building complex consists of 44 collaborating laboratories that operate and produce in the KE.PA.VI complex. The visitor, through audio-visual material and talking with the craftsmen, has the opportunity to learn how the objects that have made our city known all over the world are made.


In the area of KE.PA.VI. there will be an Interactive Hall of the Art History of Gianniotiki Silversmithing that will exhibit tools and objects that highlight our cultural heritage, a Cafe – restaurant – ouzo where in an elegant environment next to the lake citizens can have a few moments of enjoyment and relaxation. In a neat room but also in the central atrium of KE.PA.VI. cultural and other events are organized at regular intervals so that the Center for Traditional Crafts of Ioannina, apart from being a financial center through the operation of the workshops and also the Shop for the Sale of Handmade Silversmithing Products, is not an important cultural point of the region.

Product availability

The Handcrafted Silversmith Shop that operates is one of the largest silversmith shop in Greece. The 44 cooperating workshops ensure the visitor the possibility of choosing from the whole range of silversmithing products such as jewelry, utensils, church items, gift items and decorative objects. The products available for sale are exclusively hand-made products of the cooperating works, which ensures the high quality of the products and their low prices.