Objective Create added value and enhance the preservation and sustainability of European crafts through a Community Portal to act as a one-stop-shop for education, training, craft design and innovation in Europe.


  • Deploy aCommunity Portal for the creative exchange between stakeholders building on existing communities and networks reinforced with new members through the strong communication activities of the project
  • Build the community identity early in the project by involving practitioners providing insights, instructions, interviews, demonstration of techniques & designs, share educational & training material, interviews with instructors and master classes
  • Disseminate results, content experiences from all pilots and pilot sites and form individual craftsperson and micro businesses through experiential presentations, educational and training services and realistic 3D presentation of craft artefacts
  • Support entrepreneurship to increase practitioner income streams through new products and services by reaching out and involving business stakeholders, customers, end users and learners
  • Host tenders for creative designs and communicate funding opportunities with craft communities
  • Incentivise building practitioner reputation through means of community status and recognition
  • Perform user-based evaluation of [1-6] to assess the usability, user experience and impact of the community to crafts community and with regards to the objectives of the project