Faidon silversmithing workshop

Faidon silversmithing workshop

The craft art over centuries

Deeply intertwined with the history of our place and rooted back to the years of Byzantium, Silverware was going to define the cultural identity of Ioannina.

This art- passed down from father to son- into an uninterrupted historical sequence pattern, Silverware requires discipline, effort and many years of hard apprenticeship to win the title of a “craftsman”.

Nowadays into the workshops all over the city, equipped with the best traditional practices, craftsmen transform the silver into modern works of art in high aesthetics.

The creator

By the year 2000 he began apprenticing his skills alongside 20th century silversmiths. Practicing all the techniques of silversmithing, he obtained the title of craftsman and a few years later established his own Workshop.

His artistic skills combined with his creativity and his CAD skills allow the original production of jewelry of modern aesthetics with references to tradition.

Learning from the past and envisioning the future, he introduces himself to us through his creations.