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By fire and clay…

The ceramic tradition on Lesvos island has a long history of 5.000 years, as the potter findings reveal in the prehistoric settlement of Loutropoli Thermi. Ceramic art is the most ancient form of art and the only that combines the four principle elements of nature, dirt, water, air and fire….

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Nisaki Mu

Traveling to islands, cities and distant lands, Greek-German ceramist Korina Doerr, who now lives permanently in Crete, takes the blue of the Aegean, the meltemias of August, the old legends of the islands and the most interesting figures from Greek mythology and tells . wonderful Greek stories with clay and…

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Pottery Art / Handmade pottery workshop

Preserving pottery, a traditional craft of Crete with roots in 7000 BC, while developing it so as to serve the modern decorative and utility needs, Michalis Houlakis is engaged in this art more than 25 years.Designs of ceramic pots that were found in archaeological sites of the Minoan period are…

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Made with local Cretan earth and “lepida” (a special potter’s earth), with natural pigments from the mountains, polished with pebbles and decorated with a sheep’s wool brush, ceramics inspired by both ancient and modern Cretan pottery at “Keramion” by Giorgis Dalamvelas and Mariniki Mania in Margarites. https://keramion.gr/en/ Our ceramics are…

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