some thoughts

some thoughts
i am thinking of today’s meeting. It is not fair to be a craft maker and to expect to survive doing this. I mean that even if it makes us happy to work on our art no one buys anything and it becomes a show of sympathy to the failure! Everybody else is wellpaid for acting like a machine. And sometimes like a machine tries to convise the craft worker that is someone with no role. Beauty of the folk art becomes something out of time and out of the reality’ s demands for violence, fast track moves and mafia’ s explanations, like a bad film scenario. I am only suggesting if Europe could decide that everyone needs at least his-her food and drinks , things to clean and energy to work the electrisity machines of the house and the workshop, healthy clothes and a bit of fresh air with common trees like little forests or gardens and some idea of waters of the sea or lakes or rivers and even not cars for the craft people in order to succeed this step to equality, to eve to earth in the world. Personally i have a lot of more problems but folk art is full of miracle


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